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Common Older Models
Rinnai 556FTR Energysaver
Digital touch panel on top.
1996 to 2010
No longer Manufactured.
Also similar to 431FTR,556FDT and 556FM.
All Parts for this model available.

Rinnai 2001
Control knob on top right.
6 Radiants.
Beige or Brown.
Has been in manufacture since approx' 1987
Inbuilt or console. 
All Parts for this Model available from 
Gas Assist.
heat_flued_spectrumibRinnai Spectrum
3 push buttons on top right under lid.
4 tile burners.
Beige, Brown and Gunmetal.
Inbuilt or Console.
Still in Manufacture.
All Parts for this Model available from 
Gas Assist

Rinnai 20SF (Spectrum)
3 brown push bottons on top right.
Some have a red ignition button.
2 speed fan.
5 tile burners.
Early 80's heater, wood grain trim.
Many parts, including fan and switches still available for this model from Gas Assist.
This one is an oldie but a goodie!

Smaller model 60D is similar to above but has 6 small tile burners, also a great little heater.  If yours 20SF or 60D is not as good as it used to be, book in a service and we will get it running good as new.  Most service guys don't know the tricks to get these burning like they used to.
82SFRinnai 82SF
2 Position Gas Valve/Knob Control.(Only one knob)
2 Speed Fan.
Early 70's Model, brown woodgrain or metalic look.
Some new parts for this model, such as fan and fan switch still available from Gas Assist.
27062009Rinnai 551F Energysaver
Fantastic Heater.
Similar to 550F and 551FT.  Mushroom flue.  
This was a great heater in it's day and years ahead of it's time.  Most repairers don't like fixing these, (They think they are too complicated!).  If you have been told yours cannot be fixed, then at least give me a call.  I can source many new or reconditioned parts for these models.  There are 2 models that look the same, but they are different inside.  I need to know if it has a knob to turn it on or a push button.  Coming soon (early 2012)...fully reconditioned units to changeover, and if your cover is good, then we just swap the inside "engine" over.

Usual fault: Runs normally for a few minutes to 15 minutes and turns off for no reason.  This can be fixed!  Most times it is just a medium service job.

rc90Rinnai RC90 Gas Heater
Rinnai's best selling heater in the 70's.  This model has  9 radiants, thermostat controlled and a 2 speed fan.  There are still plenty of these around.  Believe it or not, most parts are still available for this heater.  Gas Assist can still source new fans, radiants, pilot components and thermostats.  They should be serviced every year due to their age.  They are over 35 years now.  

Ideal replacement is the 2001 or Ultima 2.  We can quote you on this if required.


Rinnai 81SF Radiant Gas Heater
Early 70's heater. 2 radiant burners assemblies with 2 speed fan.  Not many of these around now.  Most parts no longer available.  Invest in a newer heater!

Ideal replacement is the 2001, Ultima 2 or the cheaper Spectrum.  It may need a flue renewal also due to its age.

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